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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food for Today's Thoughts on Sunday, August 21, 2011 was a good day and a hard day.

had a great time going to the Saratoga Race track, won a big $11.32 on a horse.
had a blast walking/standing in the pouring rain to get free gym bags embossed with the Saratoga Race Track emblem/red on black. Managed my raw life well there had my green drink, later water then shared fruit I brought from home with Phyllis. Then we went to Racino so P could do a little gambling. I filled my plate with a huge salad, added raisins, red and green peppers, a little oil and vinegar and then...strayed to the potato salad....whoo boy it was tasty. But I felt heavy after. Ah well. One step back, tomorrow two steps forward.

This raw diet makes me feel great and I don't want to lose my momentum of weight loss and health changes.
I miss foods terribly that I'm used to eating. But I know this part, and these cravings will change. I"m never sure if I'll stay 100% raw in the end. I'm in the transition phase now. And at 80-90% I just know I feel pretty great most of the time. Better than in ages. Food for thought in deed.

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