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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sonam Ben's Raw Journey

LifeStyle UPDATE: Hello Folks! I am about to lose a whopping amount of weight and continue my fitness finally!
 I started a raw diet 1 week ago and lost 10lbs! 76 more to go!
I hadn't been able to lose in so long. I'm happy and feeling better too. I have tried a lot of methods and then just about gave up. Finally I tuned into YouTube and caught one of Mark Angelo Cummings videos on spirit and raw foods eating. I'd know him from a few years ago so I Facebook friended him. Since that time, he's taken me on in his professional capacity and I'm following a guidance I couldn't have imagined years ago. I eat, I feel better, I work out in a way that works for me. For the first time I think I found something that may make the biggest change in my life and free me up to be able to be myself, be a better partner and friend and happier. This blog is to chronicle the nuts and bolts of my experience. Stay tuned. Better to tune in than off.

This is my first blog. I started it because I'm changing my whole life and I wanted to make a record.
I'm 48 years old, married to Phyllis for 23 years, I have 2 beautiful dogs, I'm transgendered, I write, I work hard with helping disabled persons work as my day job and this health change is My Raw Journey


  1. Looking forward to reading your weight loss experience. I too, am on a similar journey. On reaching 51 I decided to listen to what my body has been telling me for some time. I have now lost 24ibs with the help of a conventional dietician. I'm feeling better for it and so far I'm enjoying it. Yes, I totally agree that the time has come to free ourselves.
    I wish you luck and will certainly be following you

  2. Thanks Averil! Good luck. You can do it. I"m happy for your success so far. I'll follow you as well.Yep we are tuning in to our bodies and spirits for sure!
    Sonam Ben
    "it's better to tune in, then tune out"c'11